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vendredi 2 février 2007

Apple iPhone - comments on innovation

My comments about a compilation of statements towards Apple's iPhone innovation on
(ignore the first paragraphs' Cisco stuff -- a trademark issue that's not the point here).

(Again via Tristan Nitot's Standblog -- get his feed in your favourite reader!)

jeudi 1 février 2007

NYT: Did Microsoft rip-off Apple Mac OS X in Windows Vista?

Via Standblog (again)

Just like Tristan says: No, Vista isn't an OS X rip-off, as that video definitely outlines! ;-)
(and yet another proof: OS X 10.4 alias Tiger was released two years ago!)

(edit: translated from French by myself - original youtube video here)

mercredi 15 novembre 2006

Apple Mac is great with standards, until...

... it screws you with aesoteric stuff like NetInfo, and you find out that your calling your local heterogenous Windows/Mac/Linux domain "local" can screw you up, and your network's behaviour expectations as well... Ever experienced this? Read this for some more detail...

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