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mardi 30 mai 2006

Why should I care about domain names and DNS ?

Though I had always known this for having been told it by someone I trusted (and of course having experienced it more than once), I had never found, until today, anything on the web describing the  "JavaScript Security: Same Origin" policy.

If you (still) don't know nothing about this, can influence the decision (you should want to) and are interested in knowing why you had better be using a safe, future-proof domain naming pattern like :

..rather than a whistling, MBA-oriented scheme like :

... then you should read the aforementioned page, brought to you courtesy of the Mozilla foundation.

...and try javascripting or use cookies across MBA-named domains to figure out what you can't do if you don't get your point heard and acknowledged.

The definite practical, best-of breeds (both acceptable by MBA's and technically sound) solution still being having www.eyecandy.tld (the URL you put on prints, and waste your marketing budget on) silently redirect to whateverserver.mycompany.tld

Still need an argument when "not being javascript-safe" or "being cokie-unfriendy" sounds too darn dont-bore-me-with-technical-stuff-just-get-us-rid-of-them to the decision-maker you're dealing with ?

Once in you life, let the hype be your friend, and enjoy : let him know he can't do AJAX without.
Problem solved ;-)
Thanks g(2.)0d

lundi 22 mai 2006

Test MovableType (MT)

DotClear supporte l'API MovableType.
Ceci est un test de publication avec un client supportant lui aussi cette API...

C'est beau la techno !...